Debt Collection in Rancho Cucumonga, CA

When creditors are not receiving loan payments from their debtor, their debt gets sent to a collection agency. In order to try to get people to make payments, creditors hire debt collection officers to continually contact their debtors for payments. This practice intimidates some people into making their payments, but enduring multiple daily phone calls from debt collection officers is difficult to deal with when you are already stressed about gaining control over your financial situation.

Legally, debt collectors have to abide by certain rules. Because of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977, debt collectors cannot do the following:

  • Contact you before 8am and after 9pm
  • Contact you at your place of employment (unless you give them permission to do so)
  • Speak to your friends or colleagues about your debt
  • Threaten you
  • Use derogatory or foul language during the call

Protect Yourself from Debt Collection Scams

Debt collection can be overwhelming if you receive multiple calls from solicitors. In some cases, criminals use collection scams and prey upon scared people in debt who are already stressed about getting their finances back under control. Don't fall victim to these scams. Enlist the help of the knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyers at Atlantis Law.

The attorneys have a keen eye and can spot a debt collection scam that the average person may not realize. You need to have legal advice before you give any personal information to debt collectors so that your identity will not be stolen and you will not be robbed. Be proactive about understanding debt collection. Be aware of your rights, as debt collectors cannot call you during certain hours or at your place of employment. You do not deserve to be bullied by harassing debt collectors or taken advantage of by scammers.

Get help from Atlantis Law!

One of the ways to end creditor harassment and collection activities is to file for bankruptcy. Once you have filed, the collection agencies must cease all collection activities. Contact the Rancho Cucamonga bankruptcy attorneys at Atlantis Law to learn more about your rights and to discuss your legal options.

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