Estate Administration

When a loved one dies, it can be a very confusing time. You are in immense grief while also needing to make sure you handle all the technical details of locating assets, paying bills, and making sure your loved one’s wishes are carried out without conflict. What can a probate lawyer do for you? Quite a lot.

Your loved one left behind assets (called the estate of the deceased) that must be handled with careful attention. It is critical that you work with a Personal Family Lawyer® who can help you to do the right thing, minimize conflict, and ensure the smoothest possible transition of assets.

Have You Been Named a Trustee?

When someone creates a trust as part of their estate plan, they must name a trustee to ensure the trust’s terms are handled properly. These individuals must carry out all of the trust’s instructions, and they’re legally responsible for doing so within the scope of federal and state law. Such duties are known as trust administration.

Serving as a trustee involves a huge level of responsibility and liability. Yet, most people named as trustees have limited, if any, background or experience in the legal and financial duties that come with administering a trust. In this case, the trust administration lawyers at Atlantis Law can work with the trustee to ensure the trust is administered properly and all legal requirements are satisfied.

Have You Been Named an Executor?

If there is not a trust in place, or if not all assets have been properly titled in the name of a trust that was created, we can help your family through the process of estate administration, which usually requires a court process called probate. If you are a beneficiary of an estate, or an executor or trustee, contact us for support in handling the transition of your loved ones assets as easily as possible.

Trust and Estate Administration

As your Family Legacy Lawyer, we work closely with the family, beneficiaries, and other advisors to ensure the decedent's trust assets are collected, debts are paid, and the remaining assets are distributed to the named trust beneficiaries, or to the heirs of the estate. Depending on the type of trust involved, assets may be distributed outright to the named beneficiaries, or they might be held in trust for the future benefit of the named beneficiaries. If there is no trust, assets will either be distributed outright to heirs named in a will, or by statute, or held by a guardian named by the court until an heir reaches the age of majority.

During this time, we may also need to have appraisals of major assets completed in order to get a clear picture of what the decedent's net worth was for estate tax purposes. Additionally, the title of trustor other estate assets may need to be changed to indicate new ownership by the named beneficiary outright or under a continuing trust.

All of this can be a hugely complicated and time consuming, but our trust and estate administration lawyers will transfer assets as quickly and smoothly as possible, resolve outstanding issues, and ensure that everything occurs within the applicable legal deadlines.

Trust & Estate Administration or Probate After the Death of a Loved One: We Are Here To Help

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Areas of Trust & Estate Administration

If you have been named the trustee for a loved one’s estate, you have a big and difficult task ahead of you. You will have many responsibilities at a time when you are dealing with a huge emotional loss. Reach out to an experienced and compassionate living trust attorney in California to help ease the burden.

There are many types of trusts and many different rules to follow. You will also likely be dealing with volatile family members and looking to minimize conflict as much as possible. We can help with all of this and more.

As the executor of a loved ones estate, you have a lot of responsibility. The rest of your loved ones are counting on you to do your job quickly and effectively so that everyone can receive the assets allotted to them with the minimum conflict. You will also need to tie up all financial loose ends of your loved one’s estate. There is a great opportunity for costly errors.

With an experienced team of Trust and Estate lawyers on your side, you can avoid the pitfalls that will bring stress and conflict to your family. We want to help you during a very difficult time.

When a loved one dies, his or her estate will need to be settled. This takes a lot of hard work. All assets must be valued, all debts paid, all taxes settled, and much, much more. Any mistake, no matter how minor, can cost you and your family significantly. That is where a professional can be of great assistance.

At Atlantis Law, we are here to preserve your loved one’s legacy. Do not let the administrative details get between you and your loved ones. Let us help.

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