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By: / Estate Planning
How Does Per Stirpes Distribution Impact Your Grandchildren

One of the most common ways to distribute in the state is “per stirpes.” Per stirpes distribution dramatically affects your grandchildren if. . .

By: / Estate Planning
Per Stirpes vs. Pro-Rata: What’s the Difference

When distributing an estate is is easy to be confused by the difference between per stirpes vs. pro-rata. The two phrases are different but interrelated.

By: / Probate
Probate Omnibus Clause: What Is It? (Sample Language)

An omnibus clause is one of the most undervalued portions of an order for final distribution. Excluding it could cost you thousands . . .

By: / Regnum Christi
Why the US Bishops Have Made the Church Irrelevant: Catholica Fidelium

By withdrawing from public ministry, the US Bishops implicitly concede that the Catholic Church is irrelevant and unessential to society.

By: / Legal News
7 Secrets About the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill that Impact Your Family

Congress passed a historic coronavirus stimulus bill which dramatically impacts many Americans. Here is what it says and how it affects you . . .