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Applying for Probate: Who Can Apply and What You Need to Know

Practically anyone with a legal interest in an estate can apply for probate. But not all applications or petitions for probate are created equal. There is a hierarchy . . .

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3 Ways to Sell a California Home in Probate Without Court Approval

Selling a California home in probate without prior court approval is possible. There are three ways to do it. The first is . . .

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11 Steps to Sell a Home in Probate Without Court Approval

The probate process is lengthy and tedious. So selling a home in probate can add an extra layer of complexity to an already terrible process. .

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Selling Property in Probate: Notice of Proposed Action

If property is in probate it is possible to sell the property without court approval by serving a notice of proposed action. But not every estate can do this

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You Can Get Extraordinary Probate Fees for Extraordinary Work

Extra work deserves extra pay, right? Not always. This post will help you succeed on your claim for extraordinary probate fees.