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Probate Omnibus Clause: What Is It? (Sample Language)

An omnibus clause is one of the most undervalued portions of an order for final distribution. Excluding it could cost you thousands . . .

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What is Probate and Why Avoid It?

Both lawyers and non-lawyers often ask, what is probate? In this post I will answer this question and demonstrate why you should avoid probate.

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How to Probate a Will in 11 Detailed Steps

Ever wondered how to probate a will in California? This step-by-step resource will show you what documents you need, and how to do it.

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Intestate Succession: The Do Nothing Plan

For those choosing not to do any estate planning, the government has its own plan for your property called “intestate succession”

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Estate Planning Explained: How to Leave Your Legacy

Proper estate planning is the only way to control your own legacy. Don’t let the government do it for you. Learn how to plan and control your legacy.