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Author: James A. Long

By: Alejandra / Celebrity Monday
Britney Spears: Toxic Conservatorship Explained

In this celebrity Monday we will discuss the conservatorship of Britney Spears. Conservatorships are generally reserved for people who lack capacity, or have severe physical .

By: Alejandra / Kids Protection
Caring for Children with Special Needs: How and When to Create a Special Needs Trust

I get about 5-6 calls per week from children of families who never engaged in any kind of estate planning. The son or daughter will .

By: Alejandra / Uncategorized
9-Step Guide to Obtaining a Conservatorship

If you have ever experienced the mental decline of a loved one, you understand the hopelessness of the situation. On the one hand, you want .

By: Alejandra / Living Trusts
Funding Your Revocable Living Trust

Having a fully funded living trust is essential to taking advantage of its benefits.  An unfunded or partially funded Revocable Living Trust does not avoid probate. “Funding” .

By: Alejandra / Living Trusts
7 Important Things to Know About Living Trusts

Most estate planners recommend having a living-based estate plan. The cornerstone of that plan is – you guessed it – the living trust. This post .