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How Does Per Stirpes Distribution Impact Your Grandchildren

One of the most common ways to distribute in the state is “per stirpes.” Per stirpes distribution dramatically affects your grandchildren if. . .

By: one400-admin / Estate Planning
Per Stirpes vs. Pro-Rata: What’s the Difference

When distributing an estate is is easy to be confused by the difference between per stirpes vs. pro-rata. The two phrases are different but interrelated.

By: one400-admin / Estate Planning
Per Stirpes Definition with Infographic, Charts, and Examples

Distributing an estate “per stirpes” can have a significant impact on how downline generations receive their distributions. If a child dies. . .

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Understanding Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Notes

An expert guide to finding, reading, and understanding Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Notes. This post uses real life examples of probate notes to . . .

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Coronavirus: The Only Paper That Should Concern You Is Your Estate Plan

55% of Americans do not have an Estate Plan. With that statistic fresh in my mind, I looked at recent Coronavirus statistics. I was shocked. . .