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By: James A. Long / Estate Planning , Living Trusts , Trusts
RPGs and Estate Planning: Level Up with a Living Trust

I am a huge fan of RPGs (or role-playing games) for the un-nerdy. If I am stressed out or need an escape from the problems .

By: one400-admin / Estate Planning
Coronavirus: The Only Paper That Should Concern You Is Your Estate Plan

55% of Americans do not have an Estate Plan. With that statistic fresh in my mind, I looked at recent Coronavirus statistics. I was shocked. . .

By: one400-admin / Estate Planning
7 Advantages of a Revocable Living Trust That You Need to Know

I’ve been an estate planning lawyer for 8 years and I’ve distilled my knowledge into 7 must know advantages of a revocable living trust. They are . . .

By: one400-admin / California Courts of Appeal , Estate Planning , Legal News , Trusts
California Court Rewrites Estate Plan After Drafting Error

Proper drafting of an estate plan is essential and saves you thousands of dollars. California courts can rewrite your estate plan if there is an error.

By: one400-admin / Estate Planning , Probate , Trusts
Estate Planning Explained: How to Leave Your Legacy

Proper estate planning is the only way to control your own legacy. Don’t let the government do it for you. Learn how to plan and control your legacy.